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  • Marzipan
    thanks! lowfat already came to me with a similar deal at a much better price.

    mucho grassy ass tho!

    Cptn Vortex might be interested... told me he just inherited a number of x58 systems he'll try to part out. having lots of RAM makes that easier!
    OK thanks. :)
    Hey Bowmah,

    Thank you for your response. First thing, the job is in Vancouver...near the location of the former Vancouver store.

    Can you tell me more about your roll and responsibilities with your marketing job?

    What is your expertise with tech? Consumer? Enterprise? Our primary target is SMB, so we don't do much in the way of white boxes, but more with Lenovo, HP, Dell and Supermicro business computing, including servers. Netgear, Cisco, Meraki, Ubiquiti. A large portion of our business is also point of sale (cash drawers, receipt printers) and barcoding (label printers, barcode scanners and mobile computers).

    I look forward to hearing from you,

    Hey, saw your note about tech sales opportunity. My area of expertise is more online marketing but my interest has always been in tech. Where can i find out more about the opportunity you posted on the ncix forum?
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